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What Doctors should know about Homeopathy

What should Doctors know about Homeopathy?

Homeopathy was founded as a scientific system of medicine to treat various diseases and conditions that affect the human health and good living negatively. Samuel Hahnemann is regarded as the Father of Homeopathy because he first laid down the essential principle of it which is ‘like cures like’! This principle in itself is sort of contradiction and hence difficult to explain but has been found fully validated through successive researches and studies in the last two centuries! Hahnemann himself is credited for the first validation when he conducted experiments on himself and then documented the results in an authentic manner.

What as per Dr. Mehta is most important for a homeopath?

While skeptics questioned the mechanisms of homeopathy, the medicine system has stood the test of time and billions and billions of people have benefited from it till date. The most vital dimension for any homeopath is, therefore, to understand at depth the principle stated above because it is the basis of the entire materia medica of homeopathy.  Complete and thorough understanding of this principle makes a homeopath adept in diagnosing the symptoms and find the appropriate cures. Dr. Rupa counts these dimensions with which the doctors should acquaint themselves!

The ability to identify the symptoms

Any cure by a homeopath begins with the judgment of symptoms that are manifested or contained by the diseased body. It should be stated that homeopathy as a system of medicine relies wholly on the symptoms because of the adherence to the concept of like cures like! The homeopath should develop the ability to read the presented symptoms and also make the proper inquiry from the patient about what other symptoms are experienced by him. This is the foundation of the homeopathic cure, asserts Dr. Mehta!

The corroborations as per the symptoms

Based on the symptoms read in the patient, the homeopath is required to corroborate the same with his acquired knowledge and find out the disease with which the body is affected.

The complete knowledge of the materia medica of homeopathy

Unless the homeopath has complete knowledge of the materia medica of homeopathy, he won’t be able to find out the proper remedy against the disease. Knowledge relates to the determination of remedy, therefore!

The determination of dosage and intervals

Dosage and regularity of it are equally important in homeopathy! A well charted dosage chart can make the resurrections and recoveries very swift.

The reading of the results

The homeopath should always try to find out the results that the body develops in response to the administered medicine. This will help him to adjust the medicine combinations and a dose of it.

Dr. Rupa Mehta, B.H.M.S. has followed the basics of homeopathy at the core while remaining open towards learning throughout her past seven years of practice at Gurugram and Delhi clinics. Such conduct makes her the leading homeopath of Delhi NCR!