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Integration of Homeopathy with Conventional Medicine

Integration of Homeopathy with Conventional Medicine for Better Results

Dr. Rupa Mehta considers integrating homeopathy with some essential concepts of conventional medicine as good and important! She opines that homeopathy has emerged very popular in last few decades with more and more people turning to this med system for resurrections and recoveries.

The absence of any side effects in homeopathy (as opposed to allopathy) is the prime reason for the growing acceptance of this med system. However, to improve the efficacy of treatments, homeopaths have started to use the good and reliable components of conventional medicine also. The notable dimension relates to diagnostic methods and techniques as employed in mainstream conventional treatment approaches. While this was not part of the original materia medica and concept of Homeopathy as enshrined by its father – S. Hahnemann, the same has been accepted as good and beneficial! Thus the modern homeopathy is evolving through integration with the conventional medicine system of age.

Mehta Homeo Clinic led by Dr. Rupa Mehta also practices modern homeopathy whereby specific methods of conventional medicine are employed for achieving better results of treatment for the patients. Dr. Rupa Mehta makes use of frontline diagnostics to find out the state of progression of diseases in her patients. She notes the two levels where the integration of homeopathy and conventional medicine is taking place. These are:

1. The Diagnostics

The integration of homeopathic and conventional medicine started taking place a few decades ago when new age practitioners benefited their practice through the high end diagnostics available in mainstream medicine. Smart and early diagnostics help the homeopaths to attempt the disease and its cure in a refined manner. This makes the treatment effective and the practitioner can also trace the effects and responses that the body develops from the homeopathic remedies. While relying on such techniques, most homeopaths never shunned the fundamental concepts of homeopathy and continue with the same. Thus there is no weakening of homeopathy practice and all the benefits that drive its popularity are intact!

2. The research and knowledge

Integration also started to take place from the dimension of growing body of med research. The allopathic medicine system on account of greater clout and demand in society has developed capacities to continue with intensive research on various diseases and conditions. Homeopaths are benefiting actively from this new body of knowledge and improving their understanding and acumens. However, they depend on authentic homeopathic remedies for curing the diseases.

Mehta Homeo Clinic under Dr. Rupa Mehta has been undertaking pioneering research and knowledge initiatives for the past seven years. She has actively utilized the new research and associated inferences to sharpen her homeopathic treatments for various diseases and conditions. She, therefore, leads the homeopaths’ community in guiding as how to learn and benefit from the integration with conventional medicine system.