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How to find a Good Homeopath

How to find a Good Homeopath? Here are few tips for you!

Homeopathy has been developed as a scientific system of medicine. Samuel Hahnemann is considered as the Father of Homeopathy because he established the fundamental principle of it which is ‘like cures like’. Homeopathic medicines are made as dilutions of the elements and products found in nature. To treat a particular symptom, the same substance is used that is known to evoke the concerned symptom in the body under normal circumstances. This means that the practicing homeopaths need to have a thorough knowledge of the materia medica of homeopathy. Only a knowledgeable homeopath is able to make the correct choice of medicine as a remedy against the specific disorder of body. Here are few tips on how to find out a good homeopath!

Look out for the experienced homeopath!

Experience is the only factor that makes a true homeopath. It does not mean that the homeopathic academics are futile but the fact that practice develops the ability to corroborate is important! A homeopath like Dr. Rupa Mehta who has been following the fundamental principles offered in homeopathic medical literature in her practice gradually learns the applicative aspects and develops value. Hence look out for a homeopath that has a worthy experience at his credit.

Inquire about the academic certifications and membership

Find out a homeopath who has completed certified qualification of atleast B.H.M.S. as the minimum academic degree. This is also the minimum prescription for obtaining the practice license in India as per the Department of AYUSH/GOI norms and regulations. B.H.M.S. homeopaths are trained thoroughly in the conducts of homeopathy and allied practice skills.

Get the peer reviews

Getting reviews from your peers could be really useful for finding a good homeopath in your city. While lots of practitioners are present in each city, some like Dr. Rupa Mehta do carry exceptional worth and fame in the social domains. Ask your friends and colleagues for the best homeopath.

Reach out through a trusted recommendation

Instead of deciding on your own, always select a homeopath upon the recommendation of a trusted friend or relative or family member who has been himself the beneficiary directly or indirectly.

Look out for the specialist in case you suffer from a chronic problem

If you wish to get cured for any chronic problem, then it is better that you look out for a specialist homeopath. There are many homeopathic physicians who acquire specializations through lengthy practice in specific cases.

Dr. Rupa Mehta carries noted specializations in the fields of hair care & nutrition, skin disorders and gynecology. She has developed competencies in these fields after thorough practice and allied learning in different cases.