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Homeopathy Treatment

The Homeopathic Treatment System – An Overview

Mehta Homeo Clinic offers specialty treatments in accordance with the essential principles of homeopathy as defined in its materia medica. The Clinic led by eminent Homeopath Dr. Rupa Mehta specializes in skin disorders, hair care and nutrition and gynecological problems.

Homeopathy treatment methods are completely based on the administration of medicines/remedies that are developed in the form of dilutions of different compounds and elements found naturally. These compounds could be derived from plants, metals, salts and even poisons and non vegetarian products. Homeopathy has prescribed the principle of ‘like cures like’ wherein it is recommended that any substance that has been found to evoke certain symptoms (of disease) needs to be used in diluted form for curing the same diseased condition.

A treatment system based on symptoms!

Homeopathic treatment system wholly relies on the symptoms manifested by the diseased body. Upon the symptoms depends the choice of the homeopathic remedy by the homeopath. The materia medica of homeopathy therefore thoroughly details the symptoms in various diseases and conditions and what remedies are to be used to treat the symptoms in each case. This concept forms the core of homeopathic treatment and was developed as per the principles laid by Father of Homeopathy – Samuel Hahnemann.

Homeopathy – a scientific med treatment system

Homeopathy has come up as a successful and wholly scientific treatment system and offers to cure a whole range of diseases and conditions that confront the human body and mind. Over the last 200 years of practice, homeopaths have augmented the knowledge base of homeopathic medicine system through their quality practice and cures.

Homeopathy treatment at Mehta Homeo Clinic

Homeopathy treatment at Mehta Homeo Clinic is offered as a benchmark of med excellence and with the objective of securing swift and effective relief for the patient. Dr. Rupa Mehta, B.H.M.S. has more than seven years of enriched experience at her credit and offers to cure diseases and ailments of entire diversity in consonance with the fundamental principles of homeopathy. Therefore she is counted among the most trusted homeopaths of northern India and particularly the Delhi and NCR region!