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Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic Medicines as Dilutions of Various Potencies

Homeopathic medicines or remedies are prepared by diluting the compounds and elements found in nature. The process of dilution is considered very important for the manufacture of medicines in homeopathy and the same determines the potency or the strength of it. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, and researcher is known as the father of Homeopathy because he documented on the basis of thorough study and analyses, the principle of ‘like cures like’. This principle means that the symptoms caused by a particular substance can be effectively treated by medicines made from the same substance. This contradictory yet validated principle forms the basis of homeopathic medicines of all types.

The principle of homeopathic medicines

The ‘like cures like’ principle was documented by S. Hahnemann way back in 1796 and since then a wide range of homeopathic medicines have been developed by adhering to the strict rules of dilutions and succussion. Today, homeopathic medicines are available for almost every disease and condition and have been found very effective. The process of dilution is done with water or alcohol. A homeopathic dilution labeled as 6c has undergone six consecutive steps of dilutions whereby every time one part of medicine has been mixed with 99 parts of water/alcohol. Similarly, the homeopathic medicine labeled with 30c has undergone 30 dilution cycles and each time one part medicine has been diluted with 99 parts of water/alcohol. While it may appear that the successive dilutions would undermine the efficacy of medicine, the converse is true and 30c is more potent than 6c! Succussion refers to continuous and vigorous shaking while diluting and is a determining factor for the efficiency of dilution. Today, all the homeopathic medicines are made by certified laboratories that are managed by the leading brands.

It is important to note that the efficacy of any homeopathic treatment and medicine hugely depends on the dosage also that is determined as per the wisdom of homeopathic practitioner.

Dr. Rupa Mehta, B.H.M.S. of Mehta Homeo Clinic has developed noted experience in finding the best potencies and dosages to be administered in each particular case.

Here are the ten authorized dosage types that are generally relied upon by the Homeopaths for the treatment of various diseases and conditions.

  • Single dose
  • Collective single dose
  • Split type
  • Single cumulative type dose
  • The ascending type collective dose
  • Low potencies in a repeat way and subsequent high potency
  • Low potencies in a repeat way but after a single high potency
  • Single high potency dose repeatedly till reaction emerges
  • Repeating millesimal potencies
  • Low centesimal potencies on daily basis