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Facts and Myths

Facts and Myths on Homeopathy

Homeopathy as a system of medicine has completed more than two centuries and has produced world renowned homeopaths while billions and billions of people have benefited through the authentic and scientific cures available under this system. The popularity of homeopathy has been growing consistently in the last few decades. Reasons like no side effects, affordability, effectiveness and safety for children have led to increased demand of homeopathic medical services. However, people and society that is broadly oriented towards the allopathic medicine approach still find the dilemma regarding homeopathy! Here are the myths and facts about homeopathy. Read out these to enrich you understanding about homeopathy!

Homeopathic medicines are less potent.

Dr. Mehta says, that while homeopathic medicines are delivered as dilutions, it is not true that these are less potent and thus it is a myth! Homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’ and relies on dilutions made from elements and compounds found in nature. The substance that causes particular symptoms is used to treat the same symptom also. Through successive dilutions, the potency and hence strength keeps increasing. The fact that homeopathic medicines are very potent in action is justified on the basis that very small quantities of it are offered!

Homeopathic medicines are weak dilutions and mere placebos!

While it is true that homeopathic medicines are made through process of subsequent dilutions and succussions, it is a myth that these are mere placebos! Homeopathic medicines become more potent with each dilution and the ingredient remains in it to evoke the desirable response in the body.

Homeopathy offers cures for all diseases and conditions that confront humans

Yes, it is correct that homeopathy offers cures for every disease and condition that confronts the human body and mind! Ranging from the seasonal problems like cold and flu to chronic diseases and auto immune conditions, everything is curable in homeopathy! However, the stage of progression of disease and other factors do determine the extent to which remedy would be successful!

Homeopathic treatments are slow

Homeopathy recommends regulated dosages of the medicine in small quantities in order to develop the sought after response in a generic manner and thus develop the self healing characteristics. Hence, the timeline adherence is the necessary factor in homeopathy but to say that it is slow is a myth!

Homeopathy can be practiced by anyone!

Ideally yes! Anyone who attempts basic principles of homeopathy can become a practitioner but merely offering remedies through reading the homeopathic chronicles is not correct!

Homeopathic medicines and remedies are vegetarian only

A myth, homeo medicines can be vegan or non vegan also. It depends upon the natural element or compound/product used in it.