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Benefits of Homeopathy

Benefits of Homeopathy are many!

Homeopathy as a scientific system of medicine has completed more than 200 years after the first principles of it were established by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Since then millions of people have benefited from the practice of learned homeopaths around the world.

Mehta Homeo Clinic is one such super specialty homeopathic clinic led by Dr. Rupa Mehta, B.H.M.S. and offers trusted cures for the whole range of diseases.

The popularity of homeopathy as an alternative medicine system is developing fast in the modern age and the reasons are in multitudes. Dr. Mehta counts these benefits of homeopathy for people –

Cures available for almost every disease

Homeopathy offers cures for almost every disease and condition – whether chronic or acute. From the seasonal diseases to auto immune disorders, cures are available for each condition.

Time bound results

Homeopathy offers time bound results, if the user has not faulted in the recommended doses and prescriptions. The specific doses of the dilutions are made in a manner so as to evoke the desirable responses in definite time.

Completely safe for all ages

Homeopathic medicines are a good choice for the children of small ages who cannot bear the harsh allopathic treatments. The body functions and structure of children are still in the development stage and is not resilient enough to respond to the harsh medicines. Broadly, homeopathy is good for people of all ages including old age persons.


Homeopathic medicines are affordable as compared to the modern allopathic treatments that are very expensive and out of reach of the ordinary people. The homeopathic system of medicine has thus come as a respite for a large section of the population that cannot afford to pay hefty amounts for the treatment. Dr. Rupa Mehta also engages in free service for the poor!

No side effects

This is the defining benefit of homeopathic medicines, says Dr. Rupa! There are no side effects for the person using homeopathic medicines and this is totally contrasting with the allopathic medicines where the side effects are bound to emerge. Homeopathic medicines offer generic cures and the disease is gradually treated without leaving any reactions within the body.

Very generic and effective

Homeopathy has been developed on the principle of ‘like cures like’. This means that the symptoms caused by any substance can be cured through the regulated doses of the same substance in diluted forms. Therefore homeopathy uses various substances and products found in nature in highly diluted forms to produce homeopathic medicines. These medicines stimulate the immune responses within the body to generate self healing mechanisms that are very generic and effective. In this way, homeopathy relies on body’s own capacity to evoke curing capacity which is self guided and authentic.