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About Dr. Rupa Mehta, B.H.M.S.

Dr. Rupa Mehta


Dr. Rupa Mehta, B.H.M.S. is an eminent homeopathic practitioner and offers her services at clinics located in Gurugram and Delhi in the NCR region of northern India. With more than seven years of enriched experience at her credit, she is an encyclopedia of homeopathic knowledge and this defines her caliber and practice acumens. She graduated out of a prestigious Homeopathic Medical College in India with academic distinctions and began practice at a young age. While she relied on the knowledge acquired during her med academics, she also developed a generic habit of learning through practice. This attribute became definitive in making her a reputed and sought after homeopath in the entire northern India.

Her specializations

Dr. Rupa Mehta carries homeopathic degree as a General Physician from a recognized institution. However, during her practice years, she attended to innumerable cases of skin disorders, hair problems, and female sexual health problems. She attempted these cases with a generic view and succeeded in developing refined insights into the root causes that are responsible for the anomalies. Gradually, she emerged as a noted specialist in the fields of skin diseases, hair care and nutrition and gynecology. She now attends hundreds of patients who suffer from these conditions and offers vital and dedicated care.

Her knowledge pursuits

Till date, Dr. Mehta has cured more than 500 patients and earned recognition for the satisfactory and trusted treatments that have now become the protocols of homeopathic practice in India. She actively participates in the homeopathic conferences and deliberations at the national and global level and shares her knowledge with the vast community of homeopaths in India and the world. Dr. Rupa Mehta’s position of eminence in the field of homeopathic practice can be attributed to her desire and passion for more and better knowledge. This has led to multifold and quality laden enrichment of her academic principles and now she carries a supra base of generic knowledge on diverse diseases and conditions that confront the human body and mind.

The philanthropic and social initiatives of Dr. Rupa Mehta

Dr. Mehta is known for her compassionate service towards society. She serves through free consultations and medical checkups of the poor and needy patients who cannot afford to avail quality medical care. Every Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon, Dr. Mehta serves free of cost at Sant Nirankari Mission Bhawan, Sector 31, Gurugram. Medicines are also distributed free of cost to the people who come for such consultations.